Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wing It! Thursday

Hi guys! Today, I wanted to elaborate on yesterday's color. I used OPI's It's All Greek To Me, which was a hot pink color. It was very pretty on its own, but I wanted to try a little something more with it. I recently purchased Wing It! by OPI which is a sheer orange-ish color with purple sparkles in it. It is SO pretty in the bottle, but a little on the sheer side. I layered it over It's All Greek To Me, and viola! Super shimmer/sparkle wonderment! I am excited to try layering Wing It! over lots of other colors to see the effect!

Thanks for stopping by!! :)


  1. I layered it over an orange creme on my toes recently and it was lovely :) Looks great over this pink too, definitely a layering polish!

  2. I like the tiny shimmer in this polish! Also, your photos are lovely :)

    I followed you :)

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