Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hey guys! Yesterday after work I stopped by a nail salon just to take a look-see. I have learned that if you are going to find any hard to find polishes that they most likely will be sitting somewhere in a salon. The supply stores and such are tapped out! So, I walked in and immediately started scanning behind the glass case for silver caps. Right down in front was Kaleidoscope Him Out! Score! Then I asked the lady to see what other silver caps were back there, and she pulled out Do It in 3D! Major Score! Then, she had a little table rack on top with OPI DS Series polishes. My eye honed in on the one I have been looking for, forever. DS Glamour!!!!!!!!!!! She had some new in boxes but not that color, and I got her to sell it to me used! (It was still pretty much full, though). I couldn't believe it! 

I was so excited I had to take a picture!
  When I got home I knew I had to use it, but I also have so many unused ones, so I decided I'd mix it with OPIs "Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em". I drew some scotch tape inspiration from Nailside, although my nails didn't quite come out right. I used 3 coats of Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em, added some Seche Vite, and taped off my nails, and added Glamour! I'm pretty happy with the combo, and I am absolutely in LOVE with Glamour. The holo in it is beautiful and I am so happy I found it! :)

Have a great day, everyone! :)


  1. Glamour = LOVE. It's the only true holo I own and ZOMG!

  2. Oh wow you lucky duck! I've been after Glamour for AGES :P

  3. wanna know with the Satta King the more ad break doesnt seen but with this always be win