Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Duo-Chrome Holo LOVE

Hi guys! So in my last post I mentioned that I was going to layer a duo-chrome polish atop the color I had on (China Glaze "Let's Groove"). Well today I have that for you, and then some! First, I applied Hits Mari Moon in the color "Cutie Pie". This polish shifts from teal to magenta. The polish itself is somewhat sheer, and putting it over a dark base really helps all the colors shine through.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Let's Groove

Hey guys! So tonight I was going polish my nails with one of the Hits Mari Moon duo-chrome polishes. They are fairly sheer on their own, so I was scouring my stash for a good polish to use underneath. I settled on China Glaze, "Let's Groove". It's a somewhat dark red based purple, with a pink sheen. After I applied it, there was no way I was covering it up. I guess this is the first time I have used this polish because I had no idea how pretty it is!! I love the pink shimmer in it, but what really surprised me, is what appears to be blue shimmer too! I will end up putting the duo chrome over it (probably tomorrow night), but for now, I am admiring this little gem!

I tried to change the lighting so you could see the pink and blue sparkles!
Have a great day and week!! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chalkboard Nails Dotting Tool Contest Entry

Hi guys! Fellow blogger Sarah, over at Chalkboard Nails, is hosting a nail art contest! Basically, it's about creating a look using a dotting tool of some kind - whether it be an actual dotting tool, or a tooth pick, or bobby pin. You can see all the rules on her blog!

I chose to go with an island/tropical theme. My index finger is supposed to be an ocean curl. I used a polish by Ana Hickman in the color "Rock" for the background. Then, using a dotting tool, I started dotting the water and curl with OPI DS "Sapphire, OPI DS "Glamour", China Glaze "White on White", and China Glaze, "Frosty". 
On my middle finger I painted the background with Sinful Colors "Cinderella". Then, using a dotting tool, I dotted the sun, using Color Club "Almost Famous" and China Glaze "GR8". 
On my ring finger I painted the top half with the same "rock" polish as on my index finger, and the bottom half with Rimmel "Steel Grey" and China Glaze "Knotty" over it. Then, using dotting tools I designed the palm tree using quite a few colors including: China Glaze "IX", Kiwi-Cool-ada", "He's Going in Circles", Orly "Meet me Under the Mistletoe", and OPI DS "Desire". 
Last, on my pinky finger, I used a dotting tool to create a sunset. These colors include: OPI DS "Original", DS "Signature", China Glaze "How About a Tumble", "IDK", "LOL", "Octa Gone Wild", and "Don't be a Square".

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rainbows of Neon

Hi everyone! I have for you what I think might be the coolest mani I have ever done! I am going to just get right into it!

 I started with two coats of China Glaze "White on White".

Then, using the Color Club "Poptastic" Collection (all but the lightest pink color), I free handed stripes. The lines aren't anywhere near perfect, but honestly, I love the way it turned out! I like how the colors sort of blend into each other!

Color Club: Pucci-licious, Chelsea Girl, Twiggie, Almost Famous, Wham! Pow!, Warhol

I wore it like this for two days and received many compliments! The white underneath really makes all the colors pop, and it is just so much fun to look at! It is pure happiness! After I finished this look and was staring at it, I decided I was going to either stamp over it with black polish or use black crackle polish to achieve the look of that paper that is colorful underneath covered in black and you scratch away at it to reveal a colorful design. Kind of like this:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Super Cool Layering!

Hi everyone! I have an awesome layering combo to show you guys. Seriously, it's so cool looking. Well, I may as well just show you!

It started with a simple polishing of OPIs "Dutch Ya Just Love OPI". It's a really nice red based purple with a golden shimmer. It also happens to be a dupe for Zoya , "Tru", so if you have that you're good. The formula was superb and two coats covered perfectly. 

Then, I decided to get a little fancy. I haven't used my Kleancolors in forever, so out came "Chunky Holo Purple". Layered one coat of that on top, and this was the result:

To see more, see after the break!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shattered on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! For those of you celebrating, I hope it's a great one! I decided to keep it simple and kick it old school at the same time... Can crackle be considered old school yet? Too soon? :) 

I started off with a new Essence Color and Go in "Glamorous Life". It's a really pretty deep pink, almost red, with glass fleck shimmer. It reminds me of crushed up strawberries in the bottle! I really love it! And, it was $0.99 at Ulta... can't beat that price!! It's only 5mL but honestly, I love minis! They are cheaper and I don't feel like I have this huge bottle that I will probably never finish! On top I added some China Glaze "Black Mesh" crackle. I added some thinner to it months ago, and I think it has really made a difference in its shattering. I love the way it broke apart on the nail. A coat of Seche Vite and I am ready to go!

Essence Color and Go "Glamorous Life"

China Glaze Black Mesh

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Pic-er

Hi guys! Here is a quick pic of OPI's 'Mod About You'. Just a basic light, pale pink. Always appropriate, always classy! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Purple Beach!

Hey everyone! One brand that I have recently fallen in love with, is Nubar. I really only knew about them from 'Nubar 2010', their infamous flakie top coat / Sally Hansen 'Treasure' dupe. I didn't really know too much about their other colors until I recently purchased a few. They make a GREAT polish!! They have a ton of amazing colors, at an affordable price! The one I am going to show you today is called 'Purple Beach'. It is a BEAUTIFUL purple/green duo-chrome polish. It really has an amazing color shift depending on how the light hits it, and what's great is that it is fully opaque on its own. This is three coats. I am so glad I was able to pick up a few of their polishes, so be on the lookout for more Nubar in the future!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Glitter Gal Holos!

Happy Monday everyone!! To make it not so bad, here are two Glitter Gal Holos! I purchased both of these from Llarowe, who's website you can find here. The two I bought are "Dark Purple 3D Holo" and "10 to Midnight". I showed the dark purple one in my previous Purple Holo Ombre post, but here it is on its own. They are both fully opaque in three coats and the formula is great. No dragging or streaking with these little babies! They are on the expensive side, but if you can catch one of Llarowe's great sales, it's not so bad!

Have a good day, everyone!! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A special post :)

One thing you all might not know about me, is that I live on the opposite side of the country from my family. I love living out west, but I am truly an east coast girl. I am very close with my family, and while I love my life and my location, I miss my family dearly. Every chance I get to go home and visit my parents and brother, I take, and I try really hard not to take any of my time with them for granted! I have the best parents in the WORLD, and I LOVE them to death. We are a bunch of loud, crazy Italians, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go home and see the fam. One night my mom asked me to do her nails, and YOU KNOW I had nail polish with me! So I got out my arsenal and let my mom pick what color she wanted. She chose Zoya, "Sloane". "Sloane" is a very pretty, dark burgundy color, with extra fine multi-colored glitters throughout. The glitters can really only be seen in the bottle, but on the nail you get a nice, shimmery, deep burgundy. After that was done, I convinced my mom to let me try one of the Finger Paints flakes on her. So on top of "Sloane", you see Finger Paints, "Twisted". Here is the finished look:

I think it's a beautiful combo, on a beautiful woman! I love you Ma!!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Howdy do, folks?!? Today I have a polish I grabbed at the last minute from CVS. It was on clearance for 50% off, and it is Wet n Wild, "Candy-licious". I think I paid like 99 cents or a $1 for this polish. It caught my eye... it's a very pretty bright, vibrant, barbie-like-pink. I'm sure I have a few colors that are close to this, but what can I say. I'm a sucker for a lovely, pink polish! Especially a cheap one!

The formula on this was just alright. I found it a little bit thick, which thinner might help with, but I worked with it. This is two thick coats. I do like the color a lot, but I don't think I'm going to be keeping this one. There is a lady I work with who's name is Candy. I call her Candy-licious ALL THE TIME. I didn't even know that was the name of this polish until I got home. So I think I will give it to her. I don't even know if she wears polish, but at the very least she can just keep it on her desk as a knick-knack name sake! :)

Have a great day everybody!!!