Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hi everybody!!!!! I have a super exciting post that just could not wait!!!!! As many of you know, I am in a few nail polish groups on facebook. These are a great way to meet fellow nail polish addicts, and there are many members outside of the US. One awesome benefit of being in these groups is the ability to organize swaps! A girl in one of the groups I am in mentioned she had other friends in Brazil looking to do a polish trade. I offered to participate and was put in touch with a lovely girl named Paula. We exchanged e-mails and discussed polishes we were looking for. Today, I got one of the packages she sent me!!!! I was SO excited! I love getting to try other brands that aren't sold here! Here are some pictures of the beautiful polishes I received:

Look at the pretty wrapping!!

My first glimpse of what was in store!!

Little notes from Paula... she added some extra polishes in there!! It was so sweet of her!!!


Ludurana Supremo and Risque Apuro Violeta

LOOK AT THE PURPLE HOLO!!!!!!!! My jaw dropped!!!

DNA Natale and Spazio. Colorama Roxo Metalico, Hits Glitter Forte
I HAD to get the DNA ones! They say Italy on them!! I am 100% Italian and they are from the mother land!!

Rivka: Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, Lilly
 They are named after the Sex in the City girls!! I love that!!!!

Rivka: Dani, Duda, Mari, Mel
I love everything so much!!! Paula also included some peanut and chocolate candy. She is super sweet, and I am so glad and thankful we got to swap polishes!!! There is another box on the way. After seeing these, I am even more excited and anxious to get the next one!!! I can't wait to try all of these!! THANK YOU AGAIN, PAULA!!!!! :)


  1. Oh, great pics! =D

    I'm SO happy that you like it all!

    The second box is on it's way ;-)


  2. Such a great swap!!! Can't wait to see the swatches.

  3. What facebook groups? I would LOVE to be able to swap with other nail polish lovers!

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