Monday, February 6, 2012

Glitter Gal Holos!

Happy Monday everyone!! To make it not so bad, here are two Glitter Gal Holos! I purchased both of these from Llarowe, who's website you can find here. The two I bought are "Dark Purple 3D Holo" and "10 to Midnight". I showed the dark purple one in my previous Purple Holo Ombre post, but here it is on its own. They are both fully opaque in three coats and the formula is great. No dragging or streaking with these little babies! They are on the expensive side, but if you can catch one of Llarowe's great sales, it's not so bad!

Have a good day, everyone!! 


  1. Very nice! These shades are still on my wishlist! Kind of hoping I can pick up and unloved mini bottle somewhere along the lines.

  2. I have 10 to Midnight. I really like it. Wore it over the weekend. I may need to get the purple 3d one.

  3. Beautiful swatches!