Thursday, February 2, 2012


Hello Everyone!! While I was visiting the supply stores over the weekend, I noticed one of the stores got the new China Glaze Magnetix polishes in. The way these polishes work, is first, you paint your nails with the polish. Then, while, the polish is still wet, you hold a provided magnet over your wet nail for approximately 10-15 seconds. There are magnetic particles in the polish that will be drawn to the surface when the magnet is applied. This will in turn make a fancy design in the polish, resulting in a two-tone color design! The magnet provided by China Glaze has three design options: diagonal lines, arrows, and a star. I tried the start design first, and I was not impressed. I had that magnet SO CLOSE to the nail that I could see the magnetic particles start to pull up the polish towards the magnet (and many times this resulted in the polish being smudged from touching the magnet) but I just could not get a good design!!!!! I will try again with the other patterns, but for now, these are my results:

China Glaze Magnetix - Instant Chemistry

Have any of you tried these yet??

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  1. Hum, beautiful color! I bought the blue one, but everything takes ages to arrive in Brazil... Actually, I already have 2 magnetic polishes from Nails Inc, but I don't really like the pattern of the magnet that come along with them, so I'm anxious to receive the new magnets I ordered =)