Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shattered on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! For those of you celebrating, I hope it's a great one! I decided to keep it simple and kick it old school at the same time... Can crackle be considered old school yet? Too soon? :) 

I started off with a new Essence Color and Go in "Glamorous Life". It's a really pretty deep pink, almost red, with glass fleck shimmer. It reminds me of crushed up strawberries in the bottle! I really love it! And, it was $0.99 at Ulta... can't beat that price!! It's only 5mL but honestly, I love minis! They are cheaper and I don't feel like I have this huge bottle that I will probably never finish! On top I added some China Glaze "Black Mesh" crackle. I added some thinner to it months ago, and I think it has really made a difference in its shattering. I love the way it broke apart on the nail. A coat of Seche Vite and I am ready to go!

Essence Color and Go "Glamorous Life"

China Glaze Black Mesh


  1. O.O I had no idea you could add thinner to shatter polish and it wouldn't ruin it! You just made my day coz my Black Mesh is gunky and gooepy but still half full!!

  2. Nice combination, I like that Essence color very much

  3. I have several shades of crackle from several different brands, and I can only get one of them to shatter! What am I doing wrong?!?? Cute V-day nails, BTW :)

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