Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Poison Tuesday!

Hi guys! Today I have for you, the brightest nails I have ever seen or wore. I picked this polish up over the weekend, and it's by a brand called Duri. I had never heard of them before, but the lady that worked there convinced me to try it. So I picked the brightest, most obnoxious, in your face color I could. It's a little color named Poison... appropriate, right?! So I put some on last night, and BAM! It was almost glowing! You have to be careful how you apply it. It is a neon color, and if you go over the same section more than twice, it starts to pull the color off the nail and drag it. So let the first coat be a little streaky because the second coat totally fixes it. I still had some visible nail line, so I went for a third coat. I loved the color, but honestly, I hate the way neon colors dry!! It's like a matte finish, but not exactly.... eh. I don't like it, and the polish is so vibrant going on, and then looks so muted when dry. So, to counteract, I finished with a coat of Seche Vite! Fixed it RIGHT up! Back to my WAM IN YO FACE nails! The only thing is, this color is a bright pink coral, but on me it pulls so orange, and in some pictures, looks red! You'll see the difference below... never saw a polish look so many different colors that wasn't a multichrome, and so difficult to capture the ACTUAL color! :)

It really looks that vibrant and bright for real!

Before Seche Vite

Close to color, but looks much brighter in real life!

It doesn't look red like this, AT ALL!!!
This might be the most color accurate, but it's just more neon.


  1. I can't believe those red pics are of the same polish! Looks completely different there! Oooh I want to try some Duri polishes next time I have $$. Well after I try some Freshcovers bc they were crazy awesome duochromes! I hope you post pics about those soon!