Saturday, June 11, 2011

LA Colors Color Craze

Hi everyone! I stopped by the Dollar Tree the other day, and every time I go, I check out the nail polish. Sometimes I see Sally Hansen there, but usually it's only the Color Craze polishes. I decided I'd pick up a few just to check them out. They come in a package on a cardboard backing with plastic over them, like this:

I got four colors, and had one from a few months ago that my mom sent to me. 

L-R: ?, Live, Fuel, Wired, Nuclear Energy
Sorry I don't know the name of the one on the left. The color names are only on the packaging, but it does say BCC 564 on the bottom. 564 is a teal green creme color, Live is a silver polish with micro silver glitter throughout, Fuel is a  hot pink shimmery color with ultra micro silver glitter throughout, Wild is a beautiful medium-dark blue with a shimmer finish, and Nuclear Energy is a pink toned purple creme. 

564 was sheer at first, but opaque after 3 coats. The finish was nice, and the color was really pretty!

Live was also sheer at first, but you could probably get away with two coats. This is three, just to be safe. This color is such an awesome silver! It's sparkly and shiny, and I was really impressed!

Wired also went on sheer, but was opaque in three coats, and is so pretty!! I love the shiny look to it and I feel like this color could easily be a front runner for summer polishes! And it was only $1!!

Nuclear Energy had a sheer start also - (that seems to be the trend with these polishes; they are sheer at first, but build very well). It is also a very pretty color and reminded me of Keiko from Zoya... I'll have to do a comparison. Anyway, the last picture is with the flash, and looks closer to the actual color of the polish than the first two. It is a purple polish, but there is definitely some pink in there. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I actually have all those colors! If you ever see "Electrified" Its super duper pretty, its like the cousin to "Live" but its pinkish metallic

  2. We have these in the UK, but they don't come on the cardboard backing, they're just loose, usually on a display. They go for about 99p ($1.61). I've got about 8 of them now. Also, the names are on the bottles on ours. How weird :S

  3. i believe the first one is Atomic

  4. I got Nuclear Energy a couple years ago, and I LOVED it. I loved the jelly finish most of all. And "564" and really pretty!

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