Monday, June 13, 2011

Forever 21 All Week Long!

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great weekend! I did a little bit of polish shopping myself, and over the past month or so, have picked up a handful of nail polishes from Forever 21. It's not really a store I frequent, but they have great, cheap jewelry there. Near the counter, there was a free standing, tiered basket display full of nail polish! Naturally I had to take a look-see, and I was surprised by how pretty some of them were! There were three different shaped bottles: A slightly angled bottle (you will see pictured), a square shaped bottle similar to Barielle polishes, and a tube shaped bottle, similar to Catrice polishes. There are a TON of different colors and finishes, and a lot of colors go by the same name, but are clearly different. So if you are looking for some of these, beware that just because it has the same name, doesn't mean it's the same color! Each day this week I will show you a different color polish I got from there. I was highly impressed with the application and overall finish of them. And, they aren't too expensive! At $2.80, they are very reasonably priced. 

Today, I am sharing the color, "Purple", with you. What a simple name for a much more complex polish! This color is more of a royal, mauve-y, purple, with gold micro-shimmer throughout. I was sure when I picked it up at the store that none of the gold would show through, but little did I know, it would shine! On top of that, this polish could easily be a one-coater. I did two out of habit, but definitely could have gotten away with one. 

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for tomorrow's color! :)


  1. That is beautiful! I would not expect that from F21. I went yesterday and saw bowls of nail polish there. I didn't get any since I was afraid the quality would suck, but I guess I was wrong.

  2. Yay for f21 polishes. I think I'm slightly obsessed with their blues and greens.

  3. you so beautiful then be a more with Satta King and the not become naughty but become richest and the walt like celibrity