Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Polish Jewelry!

Hey everyone! As some of you may have seen, there is a lot of beautiful jewelry out there made with nail polish. I think this trend is so cool and pretty, I decided to try some out on my own! The basic gist of this, is painting a clear glass bead (known as a cabochon) with the polish of your choice. You then have to find a backing for whatever type of jewelry you are going to make and glue the two pieces together. It's pretty much that simple! It can get much more complex by layering polishes, or stamping, or adding gems...the possibilities are endless! I just wanted to share a few of the pieces I have made. I am thinking about opening an Etsy shop, so please let me know if this is the type of thing you'd be interested in purchasing!
Mermaid Holo Glitter Ring/Pendant
Mermaid Holo Glitter Franken Ring/Pendant
Golden Rose Scale Effects 02 Over Purple Ring/Pendant
Black Holo Glitter Ring/Pendant
Purple Glitter/Flakie/Holo Ring/Pendant

OPI DS Glamour Earrings
Zoya Charla Earrings
Ozotic 528 Earrings
Millionaire Earrings

What the earrings would look like in real life (Millionaire)

Your comments and suggestions are welcome! 


  1. very pretty! Love the Millionaire earrings!

  2. these are gorgeous!! I'm so jealous!

  3. I had no idea it was that easy! I love the look of these.

  4. Those are really pretty! I really hope you do open I shop, I would love to own some!

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