Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Spranken Collection!

Howdy-do, folks?! I know my posting has been pretty much non-existent, but I really can't stress how busy I have been. Nov - Feb is such a busy time for me at work. I just spent all of last week in Indianapolis working, and came back on Sunday night, and right back to work on Monday. (I did, however, take several polishes with me to keep a variety of colors throughout the week! The hotel maids probably were like wtf is all this polish on the desk!?) 
Annnnnyway, I have been a frankening fiend lately!! I don't know what it is about creating polishes, but I just love it!! Here is a little collection I created!

Ever wonder what an un-mixed spranken looks like?
There you have it! I am thinking about making up some more of these and selling them. They all got a pretty good response from my friends in the nail polish groups on facebook. I really enjoy making sprankens and it would be fun to share them with other nail polish lovers!!

Hope you all are having a great week!! :)

P.S. All photos were taken with my iPhone 4S... not bad I think!


  1. Do it! And ship internationally - to NZ so I can order some!!!! I love the dark berry/maroon & the lime green especially :)

  2. Love them all, what did you use to make them?

  3. Extremely pretty! I love that wine-colored one.

  4. These look FABULOUS! Love them!

  5. They're all lovely, especially that deep red.


  6. Omgosh I would totally buy one. They are ALL GORGEOUS! *_*

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