Sunday, November 20, 2011

Glitter Madness!

Hey everyone!! I finally ventured out and found some supply stores in my area. (FINALLY. I seriously was going through withdraw). I didn't have a lot of time to look around when I went (just an excuse to go back), but I was able to grab some of the China Glaze new holiday glitters. Today I am going to share my favorite one, which is: "Marry a Millionaire". It's purple and teal glitter overload... tiny glitter, bar glitter,  it's just an amazing party in a bottle! This is 3 coats with only a clear base underneath:

I know this is dark, but I LOVE how it shows the colors!!
Overall, I think the next time I wear this polish I am going to layer it. It provided pretty full coverage, but I want no nail to be seen. Regardless, I love it!


  1. This looks great. My Sally's didn't carry this one.. I will have to keep checking around :-)

  2. This is the one that I really wanted and my Sally's doesn't have it either. :(

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