Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Purple-y Goodness!

Hey guys! So I recently was able to purchase two new brands of polish that I did not own any of - Spa Ritual, and Deborah Lippmann!

I ordered these from Apothica. They have a HUGE selection of items that are packed well and shipped fast. 

First up is the purple polish from the Spa Ritual set. This is called: "Shooting Stars". It's a gorgeous red based purple with pink and blue shimmers. I experienced some polish dragging on the first coat, but the second evened everything out. I seriously LOVE this color!!! I'm so glad I decided to try this brand!

Have a great rest of your weekend!!


  1. Pretty! I want that Deborah Lippmann set!

  2. This SpaRitual nail polish is very pretty :)

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