Monday, November 21, 2011

Picture Polish Wisteria!

Hi there! I recently got in a few new Ozotics and a new picture polish! This is "Wisteria". It's such a PRETTY purple. I love it!!! It's like more of a lilac color, and it's pretty bright! It is actually unlike any other purple I have, which is saying a lot because I have a ton of purples! So, here she is with 2 coats!

As you can see, depending on the light it can look more pinker, or more purpley-er, but either way, it's pretty!!

Picture Polish polishes can be purchased from the Picture Polish Website, or through Llarowe's website!


  1. I relly like that color... I think it looks a bit like Gothic lolita from China Glaze electropop collection, but i love that purpel color as well:-) Would like to see thouse 2 polishes compared...

    1. Hi Polish Lover! Funny you should mention that!! I just got Gothic Lolita so I can help you out with the comparison! I'll post it in just a few minutes!! :)