Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hey everyone! Right now it's 11:49 pm and I am blogging from my bed in my hotel room!! Thank the baby Jesus for free internet!!! I want to show you guys my last Joe Fresh polish. I received this in a swap with Kayla from Beauty by Kayla Shevonne ! You should check out her blog, she has some great comparison swatches! And thanks for the swap! :)

Twilight is a black jelly polish with iridescent green/orange/yellow flakies in it. It is a really cool polish! You could achieve a similar look by painting Nubar 2010 or Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure over a black polish, but this is all mixed into one! This is three coats. I will for sure be wearing this color this winter!

Hopefully I will have free internet at the next hotel and will be able to post again!! Have a great day everyone!! <3 you guys!


  1. so freaking awesome! that is a very unique polish!

  2. Love this polish. Ive been saving it for a sunny day! I got mine from Rebecca too bad Joe fresh is only in canada :-/

  3. ooh a flakie, i love this, not seen many like this

  4. I love how this looks!

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