Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pink Wesnesday

Howdy do folks! It's time for another round of Pink Wednesday!! Two weeks ago I went to get a pedicure. They had the usual selection of OPI and China Glaze polishes, and I picked some pink color. As the girl started my pedicure, she was telling me about these polishes that are made by the salon (which was called Nail Perfection). Made by the salon...really?? She told me they had a really cute baby pink color that was very popular, and made skin look really tan. I was intrigued enough to tell her I'd try that color instead of whatever I picked out.

Turns out this brand is called Tic Tac. The polish applied pretty badly. It was very streaky and had terrible cuticle drag. Luckily, the nail technician knew what she was doing, and by the end, I LOVED the color! I asked her if they sold the polish there and they, did, and charged $7 for it. They didn't have any for sale of the color I got though. She mentioned her boss going back to get more from the supply shop, and I figured the boss HAD to be going to the Chicago supply stores that I visit myself! She tried to sell me a different color, and I *almost* gave in, but thought better of it. Lo and behold, I walked into the supply store in Chicago and there was an ENTIRE wall display of Tic Tac polishes for $1.20!!!!!!!!!! Yes, one dollar and twenty cents. So needless to say I purchased a few! Some colors were not so good and I'll do a blog post at a later date, but some of them were great, like the one I am going to share with you today!

 The application was a little streaky at first, but after 3 coats, I thought looked pretty good! It dries REALLY fast, and I like this color! The bottle is labeled as "222". Some of the polishes have names, and some are just numbers. So overall, it's not the best formula or quality, but I think it's just right for the price and color selection. I will for sure be picking some more of these up!

With flash

This is the truest to color... it's actually a little more pink than this. The camera made it pull really purple for some reason.

Thanks for reading and Happy Pink Wednesday!! :)


  1. This is a very pretty pink!

  2. Very pretty! I like light pinks.

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