Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mad Scientist

Hi guys! Last night I was sitting amidst boxes, having taken a break from packing, and decided my creative juices were flowing. I had one mini empty bottle left and some spectra flair and some polishes sitting out on my coffee table so I decided to get to work. I had a mini bottle of Orly Velvet Rope staring me in the face. I have a full size of this color too, so I decided to pour about half of the mini bottle into an empty mini. I had some spectra flair mixed with a clear polish (that can be used as a top coat) and poured some of that into the mix. I then added some spectra flair powder and the color got somewhat muddy (as spectra flair tends to make polishes when added) so I then added in some OPI DS signature. I wanted it a little darker, so I added some China Glaze Black Diamond. I then topped it off with a little more Velvet Rope and this is basically what I came up with!

I like it! I just wish I had some sunlight to take pics in! That's what you get for working at night, I guess! :) Thanks for reading!!