Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Nails!

So I'm going through all the photos I have saved in various places to try to get them all up here. I know they aren't the best, but once I start taking more, I'll try to get better quality shots. And it will show progress if nothing else! 

This is Orly's Black Out with Orly's Love Each Other on top. Love Each Other is like a clear base with a ton of iridescent purple sparkles throughout. It's so pretty in the bottle but sucks on its own. It definitely needs a dark base to go over... then it totally transforms the polish!

  This is China Glaze's Refresh-mint with China Glaze Concrete Crackle on top. I applied the crackle in haphazard motions to try to break it up, and not make it look like it crackled in straight lines. I think it looks ok. I hate how fast these all sold out. This was the only color left at Sally's! I like the gray, but I really wanted the black, pink, and purple!

 This is Nicole by OPI's Ink a Dink a Pink. It's super florescent and bright! It has blue over tones to it and I think it's so pretty. I am a big fan of bright, obnoxious colors. The brighter and more obnoxious, the better! :)

To add even more, I did scotch tape tips with Milani 3D nail polish in HD. I really love the way this looks! It's like pink dipped in diamonds!

More to come.... stay tuned! :)


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