Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Modern Art Mani

So I finally got around to playing with my Zoya Mod Mattes yesterday and couldn't decide on a what's any indecisive girl to do? Use all three, of course! I started with a layer of Mitzi. This was a little difficult to apply because these matte color dry so quickly! Once I added a second and third coat, it was much better. (On a side note... don't do complex manicures while watching action packed movies that you need to pay attention to... I was watching "The Next Three Days" and had to keep rewinding because I kept missing important details!)

I love how neon green this picture makes the color look!

After that I taped off the top section of my nail. I got scotch tape inspiration from Chloe's Nails . She does some amazing things with scotch tape! Applying scotch tape on the matte polish is a little tricky. It fools you because the polish dries so quickly, making you think it's ok to put tape down. The first two nails I tried I ended up pulling the polish off right along with the tape. So I let the polish sit for a good while, and stuck the tape to my hand like 30 times to try to get most of the stickiness away. I think because the majority of the stickiness was gone it allowed for some blips in the perfect line I was trying to create. Oh well, live and learn, right? I painted the untaped section with Zoya Phoebe. 

After that, I waited a bit to let it dry. Normally, I'd add a top coat between taping, but I wanted to keep the matte effect. Once you add a top coat to matte polish, the matte is gone! So I then added a piece of tape across the blue, and then vertically up my nail. I added the pink color, Lolly, to the available space and ended up with this!

That ended up being my best nail... go figure!

I like the way it turned out mostly, except for the little blips! Then, just to see how it looked, I added a top coat to all of it.

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. I LOVE the matte finish on the lime green! That color is amazing!