Monday, April 4, 2011

First things first

The stash! The loot! The booty! This is a somewhat old picture of my bathroom. The setup is essentially the same, just there are more items.... namely nail polishes...

This is a picture of just the rack. It was taken on 1/20/11. 

This is an updated picture taken on 2/15/11.

Now, add these

And these

And these.....

Annnnnd I've out grown the rack. I'll have to take an updated picture.

Now, to get all of my nail pictures together into a folder!


  1. Oh I got the same rack a few months ago, and its full of zoyas! It started out the same way yours did, and now I keep bumping off polishes and adding new zoyas. Time for a new one! Great zoya collect:)

    Erika (apolishedlife)

  2. Thanks for your comment, Erika! My first one! <3 I know, it's amazing how fast the rack fills up! And I keep bumping others for Zoya as well! :)

  3. Hi, Tara! Thanks for following me. Happy to return the favor. Your collection is lovely, I'm so jealous. ;)