Thursday, May 26, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Get your Lem-on!!!! I decided to bring the sun to my nails today, and to do so, I used Color Club's "Get your Lem-on!". It's a sheer, neon yellow. It's pretty much the EXACT color of yellow highlighters. That hot green-yellow color that's almost so bright you have to squint. I love it! Since it is a very sheer color, I started with two layers of China Glaze's "White on White". Then I added two coats of Get Your Lem-on. I really love how this looked on its own, but you know I love a little razzle dazzle, so to top it off, I finished with a coat of China Glaze's "White Cap". White Cap is basically gold shimmer suspended in a white-ish base. On its own, it is really sheer and doesn't do much, but when layered, can create an entirely different look. I am really happy with how this turned out. Though it may be raining outside, my nails are heating things up inside!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oooooooooooh that's SO pretty!!! I LOVE putting white cap over colors!!

  2. Love White Cap on top. And the white base underneath. Great pairings.

  3. Gorgeous!! Seriously, I love it! Very pretty! :)

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