Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'll Take you to Foggy London Town

Hello everyone! There is a brand of nail polish that was new to me as of last week called Butter London. They come in fancy square bottles with pull off caps, that reveal the actual twist on cap. They are really pretty, but they are also really expensive. I think, anyway. $14/polish is wayyyyy more than I'd like to spend on one bottle! I got two of them from Ulta, ONLY because I had a coupon! I love how coupons can justify spending :) Anyway, the two colors I got were HRH, and Victoriana. HRH is a really pretty purple color and Victoriana is a sparkly blue/green color. 

Here is the lovely HRH:

Then, just because I wanted to use both of the Butter Londons I had at once, I added Victoriana tips!

Have a great day, everybody! :)


  1. HI Tara! Nice BL's BTW!! I will post a BL mani tomorrow. In the meantime, I gave you an award. Check it out here....

  2. this is nice because now Satta King is hare and have been launched so now you can be make happy yourself always.