Thursday, May 5, 2011

Come on get Happi

Hi everyone! Today I have a delightful color for you called "Happi" by the amazing brand, Zoya. I really love that company... they have the best promotions and great customer service! I got a bunch of polishes during their Earth Day promotion, so expect to see quite a few entries! Happi is described as: Pink metallic duochrome. A frosty hint of gold creates a unique peachy-pink. It's a great summer color that's pretty and subtle. It's not a bright in your face color (which I happen to be a huge fan of) but it's a nice change of pace, and very sweet. This was two coats, but I think next time, I'll do three. So without further adieu, here she is:

1 comment:

  1. color is not bright nut Satta King is brighten ever you can try this at once if you can lucky