Monday, May 14, 2012

Tropical Gradient

Hi everyone! I know, I know it's been forever. My life just got so busy, and I find myself wrapped up in the Cali lifestyle... I guess meaning spending more time outside and less in front of a computer? I haven't stopped doing my nails though, and have pretty much like a jillion polishes to share! I am going to try my best to keep this going, as I truly do enjoy it!

To get back in the *hopeful* groove, I'm starting with a gradient! This is one of my favorite types of nail art... I just love how the colors blend together, and shift into each other. For this look I used all Illamasqua polishes. "Collide" is the base, and then I sponged on "Stance" and "Nomad". Topped off with some Seche Vite and voila! Smooth, glassy, colorful nails! These colors make me think of a tropical island... perhaps with a tropical cocktail in hand?

Have a nice day!


  1. perfect for a tropical island :P

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