Friday, May 25, 2012

Gradient Friday!

Happy Friday, everybody! Today was declared Gradient Friday by the girls in the nail polish group I'm in on Facebook. Gradients are one of my favorite forms of nail art... they are super easy, and look super cool! I love how you can mix and match colors and make them flow! 

For my gradient today, I started with what I already had on my nails - Orly 'Beach Cruiser'. I don't have a pic of it on its own right now, but I will soon - I got four of the Orly neon polishes and I will save them for their own post! :) On top of that, I sponged some China Glaze OMG polishes! I started with 'BFF', then 
'IDK', and ended with 'DV8'. Added a layer of Seche Vite, and voila!  I think DV8 and IDK could have been better blended, but overall I like it!

Thanks for reading! Also, check out all of the other gradients fellow nail polish lovers created for Gradient Friday!! :) Have a great holiday weekend everyone!!


  1. Very pretty, I bet in the sun it's mesmerizing.

  2. So pretty. I wish I owned these colors!

  3. I'm loving all these holo gradients!!

  4. I used DV8 in mine too! Yours looks great!

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