Monday, May 21, 2012

Sally Hansen Kitty, Kitty!

Hi everyone! I'm not sure if you all have heard about this website or not, but if you haven't, I suggest you join! It's called Influenster, and they have themed boxes known as Vox Boxes. It's free to make an account, and once you have one, you can unlock various badges that pertain to your interests. Then, when Influenster has a new box, they pick people to review it that have unlocked badges that match the products in the box. I got my first Vox Box, which was the spring beauty one. Here is a picture of everything that came in it:

Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods Body Spray, Dr. Scholl's Ball of Foot pads, Aveeno Body Wash, Sheercover Concealer, Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail strips, Chap Stock Shield 365, and  Soy Joy Bar

I already have the concealer, and I LOVE IT. So I'm glad to get another one. It is a very lightweight concealer, and feels sheer on your finger, but it actually has really good coverage! The body spray is a fragrance I hadn't tried yet, and it smells really good, so that was a nice surprise! The scent doesn't last as long as a perfume, but I was able to smell it for a couple of hours after I sprayed it. 

What I want to share with you today are the nail strips! This was the first time I had ever tried them. Here is what the contents looked like:

The color I got is 320 Kitty, Kitty. It is a leopard print pattern - - How did they know I was from Jersey?! :) It came with a cuticle pusher stick, nail file, 16 strips, and an instruction pamphlet. Basically, you make sure your nails are free from debris and oils, and your cuticles are pushed back. Then you take a strip closest to your nail shape, peel off the plastic, stick the decal on, smooth it out and over the tip of your nail, and file off the rest. Here is my nail strip journey:

Pretty neat, I think! Overall I liked these! Once I got the hang of applying them, it was rather quick and easy to put them on. 

No drying time - that is awesome! 
Awesome patterns - it's really easy to wear intricate nail art!
Long lasting - I wore mine from Wednesday night to Sunday night with only one small chip

Takes a while to get the hang of applying these - it took me about 3 nails worth of strips to get how to apply these. I wasted one decal in the process
Doesn't perfectly cover the nail - As you can see in my last picture, there is still some nail showing on the side of my ring finger nail. If I went to a larger size, the decal would have gone onto my finger itself.
You get 16 in a pack - You only have 10 fingers, so you are paying for 6 extra stickers that you may not use. But since there are only 16, you can only get one application out of them. I suppose if you cut the strips in half you could get two manicure's worth out of one package, but that's extra work on your part.

At the end of the day I love these for the cool patterns and no dry time. I probably wouldn't use them for just a plain color look, since applying actual nail polish does that better.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Yes! TY! I needed this tutorial! I've had 4 sets of these in my Helmer for months now waiting to be used. It's nice to see how it works.