Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm back!!

Holy moly it's  been a bajillion years!!!!!! I hate having gone this long without posting, but my life has been crazy these past few weeks!! I packed up my whole apartment and drove halfway across the country, only to unload everything into a storage unit. All of my polishes (except for a few) are in storage (which was BY FAR, my heaviest box!!!!). I spent the weekend in California at a friend's place, and then flew back here, to IL to train my replacement. I've been living out of a hotel for the past week, and will be in one until Friday! Then I fly back to Cali and have to unload everything from the storage unit into a truck, and then FINALLY move into my new place on Saturday! WHEW! I can't wait for all this moving crap to be OVER! I purchased quite a few nail polish racks, so when I finally have my "Wall of Polish" set up, I'll be sure to share it with you guys! It's like artwork to me!
Yesterday, I spent the day in the city with Karin visiting some supply shops. I am so glad the polish community brought us together. I am really going to miss her!!! She gave me a special surprise polish that was a late birthday present / good luck living in your new place present. I can't wait to share it with you.... it's amazing!!!! :) But anyway, I picked up a few polishes yesterday so I will have lots of goodies to share with you this week!! 

Today I have two polishes I picked up from the Orly Mineral FX collection. Overall I liked the collection, but only two of the colors really spoke to me. I got these at Sally Beauty... it seems like they are in pretty limited quantities, so if you like any of them, I suggest going out and getting them ASAP!

First up is Rock Solid. It's a shimmery, steel gray color with scattered holographic glitter throughout. Two coats achieved full opaqueness, and the formula applied really well for me. I really enjoy this color!

Second, is a color called Rococo A-Go-Go. It's a gorgeous shimmery dark plum color, with a gold-ish duo chrome and pink sparkles. It applied like a dream, and could be a one coater. I did two for good measure. It's SO pretty. I will be wearing this color a TON, I can tell. 

Thanks for stopping by, and I won't be gone for that long again!! :)


  1. BOth of these nail polishes look great!

  2. OOOO I need to get the 2nd one. Glad you're back!

  3. I'm so glad we met and I can call you a friend. I'm gonna miss you Tara, But I am so happy you got this new job =) I can't wait to see your polish wall of art too...LOL

  4. Such awesome swatches!

  5. Welcome back!! Goodluck for ur new place!

  6. Rock Solid is seriously amazing! It's the only polish of the collection that stood out to me!

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