Friday, September 16, 2011

Tic Tac Friday!

Happy Friday everybody!! I mentioned this brand, Tic Tac, in a previous post, and I recently picked up a few more polishes by them. They are pretty cheap and I really like them!!! Some of their polishes have actual names, and some are just numbers. Some polishes have the same number, but are two different colors. I don't know how organized they really are, but eh.... I don't really care. If I like the color, I grab it :) The one I am showing you all today is called 'Blue Sky'. It's a pale, pastel blue, and I don't have another polish of a similar color! These can be somewhat streaky in application, but usually the third coat has everything evened out. Just make sure you let the coats dry in between applications. :) This is 3 coats of 'Blue Sky', and no top coat!

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!!!