Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No More Waity, Katie

Hi guys! Last night I was looking through colors I haven't used yet, and I realized I hadn't tried Butter London's 'No More Waity, Katie'. I got it from Ulta in the kit that had the polish and a mini bottle of polish remover (which I haven't tried because of the horror stories I've heard about it smelling like old lady perfume!). 'No More Waity, Katie' was created in celebration of the royal wedding. It's a gray/dusty/purple color with purple glitter. It's a sort of jelly polish, and the glitter suspends itself throughout, so the polish looks like it has a lot of depth to it. The formula on this wasn't all that great... it was really sheer at first, which was fine, and after the second/third coat was much better. The problem I had was it didn't spread across the nail that easily, which made it really difficult for me to get coverage on the sides of my nail. As I tried to spread the polish all the way to the edge, it just got on my skin instead. I don't know if the glitter got in the way, but the brush just wouldn't flatten and spread the polish out the way I needed it to. Also, the cleanup with this was frustrating. I dip a small brush in acetone and can usually clean up around my cuticles pretty easily. The glitter on this didn't want to budge and I still have spots of glitter around my nail. I like the color, but it's not my favorite.

 I was kind of bored with this color on its own, so I decided to spice it up a little bit. I really LOVE Octa-Gone-Wild so I did a diagonal scotch tape design and spiced things up a bit.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Amazing manicure! I love what you did with these polishes! Thank you for the honest review too:)

    Vote for me please. I'm a finalist in a nail competition. I'm the last one (fishing4beauty). It would mean the WORLD to me if you voted:)

  2. What a fun manicure and a funny name for the polish!!!!

  3. I've heard nothing but horror stories about this polish's application. Which is too bad. It's GORGEOUS! Plus, I want it because my name is Katie and I don't have any name polishes yet :)

  4. Wow!! That turned out really nice!! It is definitely a bizarre color but I love it for the name and it's uniqueness in my collection.