Friday, July 8, 2011

Glitter Zebra!?

Hi there! Happy Friday!! :) Today we walk on the wild side, with a zebra inspired mani. This was a lot of fun to do, and also very simple! Win, win! I used all China Glaze polishes for this look. I started with alternating 'White on White' and 'Naughty or Nice' [This color was substituted for a black polish because I didn't have one! But it works just fine for the effect in the end!]. Once that was dry, I added 'Black Mesh' crackle over the 'White on White', and 'Lightening Bolt' crackle over 'Naughty or Nice'. The cool thing about crackle is that it's different every time. Also, you have the ability to apply it in different directions which also effects the crackle pattern. For this look, I applied the crackle polish in a diagonal direction. But, you can apply it criss-cross, or straight up-and-down, or even sideways. It's fun to experiment with!

That was cool on its own, but a little sparkle makes everything better. I topped the whole look off with 'Shooting Stars', and there you have it, a glittering zebra! 

Shooting Stars, Black Mesh, Lightening Bolt, White on White, Naughty or Nice

With added crackle

With glitter! :)

Thanks for reading!!

**Some products featured above were sent for review**


  1. wow! pretty cool! It looks so cute!!

  2. Cool! :) It looks great with the glitter ^^

  3. Very Cute! I will have to try this!

  4. This is amazing. You're so talented & creative. Love it!

  5. Very cute and creative! I might try out the diagonal shatter look. :)

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