Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Russian Navy..Suede!

Hi guys! Quick post! - I finally tried one of the suede polishes I have. Behold OPI "Russian Navy Suede". These polishes are really neat - you apply them like normal polish, and they dry to a suede texture like finish. They are meant to be worn without a top coat. These dry REALLY fast, so you have to work fast as you apply them. The first coat may be a little bit streaky, but the second one evens it out pretty fast. Pictures is two coats and no top coat. This polish totally reminds me of dark denim!

Have a good day everyone!


  1. How does this polish hold up without a top coat to protect it? Some mattes I've tried just start chipping way too fast. I love the color and finish of this polish.

    1. Hey Jim! Honestly, this didn't hold up so well for me. I had tip wear the very next day, as well as some chipping the day after. In the polish's defense, it is known that these suede and matte finish polishes don't hold up as long normal, glossy finish polishes do. This is probably due to the fact that in order to achieve the suede finish you can't add a top coat. Although, thinking about it now, I wonder if I could have topped this off with a matte top coat. I don't know if that would change the suede finish to a true matte finish. I will have to try that out sometime! Even though this didn't last too long, I'm ok with it since I change my polish so often! :)

  2. Gorgeous!! I just got this and haven't worn it yet--looks like I need to haul it out!