Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hey there! I was organizing my polishes the other day, and found myself kind of staring at my purple, holographic polishes. Sometimes I feel bad about picking one over the other (I don't want any of them to feel left out!!!), so I decided to try an ombre mani. I don't think the shades were quite right for this, but I went with it anyway. And, I really liked it! I mean, you can't really go wrong with various purple holos! Here are the polishes I used:
Hits "Hestia", OPI "DS Original", Nubar "Treasure", Glitter Gal "Dark Purple 3D/Holo", Hits "Dionisio"

Thumb: Hits "Dionisio"
Pointer: Glitter Gal "Dark Purple 3D/Holo"
Middle: Nubar "Treasure"
Ring: OPI "DS Original"
Pinky: Hits "Hestia"

Hits "Dionisio"

Glitter Gal "Dark Purple 3D/Holo"

Nubar "Treasure"

OPI "DS Original"

Hits "Hestia"

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! Have a great day!


  1. *Drool* so much holo! I love it, You did such a good job picking shades

    1. Thanks so much!! I am partial to holo polish as well... it's so easy to stare at!

  2. AMAZING! DS Original is my favorite! I have been lemming it forever!

    1. It is one of my favorites too!!! It might just be my #1 fav polish of all time! I hope you find it soon!!